Cancellation Policy

Need to Cancel Your Budget Sheds Purchase?

Our Terms and Conditions

• It is policy of Canefoil Pty Ltd that should a cancellation occur outside 10 working days of delivery there will be no fee.
• Should notification be given within 1 – 10 working days of date of delivery, the deposit shall be forfeited, or a minimum of 15% (for
sheds over $1000) should total of shed have been pre-paid.
• Where notification is not given to our company within this time, particularly when the customer gives no notification at all, our policy is
that the customer is required to pay for the delivery fee (if applicable) as well as forfeit the deposit or minimum of 10% (for sheds over
$1000)of the cost of the shed itself.
• Should the fees not be paid within 7 days, clients will be contacted through our solicitors and any fees incurred in this process will
also be payable by the customer.
• We are a small family business and appreciate open and honest communication.


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