Frequently Asked Questions

1. Use of sheds

1. Use of shed: – please consider what you require your shed to do when ordering


• If for storage we usually recommend that you have as few doors as possible as door openings affect / reduce the wall space in the shed to lean things up against.

• If you have larger items, a double door is a great idea and is an extra $40.


• For larger sheds we suggest that if you are using it as a workshop you might consider a double door, and perhaps a carefully placed single door to allow for airflow through the shed.

Pool Pump Covers:

• If you are planning on putting in a pool as well, we can do a matching pool pump cover with top hinged roof and single door at the front as well for you. These are usually quite small but we can make them to suit your equipment. If you order it at the same time for same day delivery, you will only be charged for 1 delivery.

• We can do them from 0.78m x 0.93 m the smallest up to 1.25 – 1.25 all for the same price as they are our minimum size (within 15cm owing to the profile of the material we use).

2. Shed Shop Sheds

2. Shed Shop Sheds:

• EASY TO INSTALL!!! Our sheds come in panel form – usually 2 sides, a back, a front (with doors installed), 2 roof panels and a ridge beam.

• Our sheds come with a FREE BOLT DOWN KIT VALUED AT $30

• We make our sheds on site here at the factory.

• Our sheds come with pre- hung doors for your convenience that have an opening of 0.8m (swinging) – door actual size is 0.78m . Double door opening is 1.5m.

• Shed standard height is 2.1 at the gable, 1.8 at the sides.

• Our sheds come in panel form (not kit form i.e lots of little pieces) so we need access to take through the panels (we can adjust some larger panels to make delivery easier to your spot depending on where doors etc. are placed). For other sheds that we supply, please visit or and then phone us for our prices.

3. Doors

3. Doors:

• Our doors are pre-hung for your convenience

• Our doors are hung on hinges, not sliding on plastic rollers (which deteriorate in our climate). However we can supply kit-form sheds with sliding doors if space is an issue and we are a supplier for spare roller glides should you require some.

• Our doors have an opening of 0.8m (swinging) – so please make sure that wherever you put the shed you have room to swing open the doors!

• We can fit doors to a gable end of the sheds for a fee of $100, for double doors, the fee is $120 and can some size restrictions apply (only in 3m gable ends).

• Doors must be a minimum of 1 profile (approx 15cm) width from the edges/corners of your shed however with that in mind, we are happy to locate your door/s where you require. (some structural restrictions apply)

• Doors are usually located in the centre unless otherwise requested.

4. Lights & Windows

4. Lights and Windows:

• We can put windows in our sheds if you wish however we don’t usually recommend this as we’ve found that they are not terribly secure, do not allow much light or ventilation into the shed anyway, and offer would-be thieves a chance to view the contents of your shed.

• Windows are 600mm long and 300mm high and can be fitted for $180.00.

• We are happy to supply skylight panels in the rooves that come in 76cm widths for $80 each section that allow heaps of light in without the associated problems of windows.

• Our skylights are the full panel from the ridge beam to 1 side of the roof panel – many other companies only do partial skylights.

• We do not supply power or battery lights however these are readily available from hardware stores.

5. Materials

5. Materials:

• Because of the thickness of this material and our construction method, we are happy to advise you that our sheds come with a W41 cyclonic wind rating.

• We use BHP Australian steel for our sheds include year warranty.

• The basic difference between the zinc and colourbond thickness comes from the multiple coats of colour on the front of each panel, and of the light grey on the back of the material.

• We sell touch-up paint if you have any scratches.

6. Colours

6. Colours:

• We can quote on zinc (which is usually cheaper) or 7 colourbond colours – greens – cottage green (dark) pale eucalypt (light green), classic cream, paperbark, woodland grey (dark grey), surf mist (white) and mountain blue (dark blue). Please view our website for colour representations.

• When you order a colourbond shed with us, the price includes colourbond roof panels – some companies charge extra for this which is why they might seem cheaper to start with, but please consider this.

• Our channel is all in Zinc as we are a small family business and do not have the time or capital to colours in stock.

Colour Selection: For sheds that are up close to the house/building, we recommend that you try and match to a colour in the building materials. For out in the backyard, if it’s not seen from the house, zinc is a very economical choice, or pale eucalyp is the best colour for blending into the background.

7. Installation

7 : Installation

• For anything up to 3m x 3m is $220,

• Anything to 3.78m x 3m is $300. Larger sheds require installation of a portal frame in the shed as well as  structural stability are $450 (you will notice a large jump in the prices for this later on).

• Our sheds can be installed but please make sure that the position allows at least a ladder width around the sides and back so that the installer (or perhaps yourself!) can get to all sides to put together (i.e. not up against a wall or fence).

• DIY – our sheds are designed for easy installation by the client. As the sheds come with the panels already assembled, all you need to do is screw the 4 corners together, put on the ridge beam, pop the roof panels in and bolt it down. A full list of easy-to-follow instructions is included with all our sheds as well as all the fixings required in our bolt-down kit.

• Installation for anything under a 3 x 3m shed from the Shed Shop will probably take around 1.5 – 2 hours with 2 people – 1 to screw, the other to hold the panels steady.

8. Slabs

8. Slabs:

• Need to be minimum 100mm (10cm) thick and 10cm longer and wider than the size that you’re after so that the bolts have something to grab to without crumbling the edge of your slab when the shed is installed.

• Slabs must be flat and level and WITHOUT a recess.

• We can arrange a slab to be installed for you – please contact us for our contractor’s details.

9. Pickup/ Delivery

9. Pickups and Deliveries:

• We deliver to most areas of the Gold, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Brisbane

• Fees range between $40 for Brisbane southside, $45 for Ipswich, $50 for Northside and for the Coasts, please advise us so we can give you an accurate quote.

• We deliver to the Northside on Wednesdays only however we can install on other days if required.

• If you wish to pick up your shed please allow 15 -25 minutes for us to help you load it and tie it down. You will be required to provide your own tie-downs / ropes.

• Pick up can be achieved successfully on a flat bed ute or a 6 x 4 box trailer without cages or ladder-racks.

• Kit form sheds come in large boxes (weight depending on the size of shed ordered) – smaller sheds/ carports etc. we can arrange delivery ourselves, if the date doesn’t suit, you’re further afield, or it is a larger box, so we can have them couriered to your house.

• Pick-ups must arrive at The Shed Shop after 10am and before 3:30pm Mon – Thurs, 10am – 2pm Fridays.

10. Water-proofing

10. Waterproofing:

• We only suggest that our sheds are 99% waterproof as we cannot control the weather, or the position of the shed on blocks where water may flow through.

• Although we do not suggest a rebate for shed or seal with  silica gel, we suggest that if you are really worried about water getting in, just get some sealant and apply around the shed – bearing in mind that sometimes this can trap water on the floor if it has no-where to drain to. We do not provide this service ourselves.

11. Seconds materials

11. Seconds Materials:

• Occasionally we are lucky enough to receive a shipment of seconds materials from which to make cheaper sheds.

• The material that we use as seconds is sold to you the customer as a second and is guaranteed to be structurally sound – it’s just cosmetic damage, or in the case of chook sheds etc, might be made up of a couple of multi-coloured scraps.

• Generally, we only make 3 x 3m , 3m x 2m and 3m x 1.5m sheds with single doors in seconds materials as these are cheap to manufacture and seem to be one of the most popular sizes.

• We cannot guarantee supply of such sheeting owing to the nature of how we receive it. Customers are encouraged to ask if there is sheeting available.

• We sell touch-up cans of the colours if you wish to touch up the scratches yourself at home.

12. Council approval and cancellation policy

12. Council Approval:

• For sheds larger than 10sqm you will generally require council approval for most councils and shires.

• Certification is around the $800 mark. Generally, anything under 3m x 3m won’t require the council approval.[/tab]

13. Placing your order:

• Once you have confirmed the size, material and any extras that you would like for your shed, please phone or email us your details, including a mobile number to contact you on.

• We will write your order up, give you an estimated date of delivery/installation, and an order number. It is important that you keep your order number on hand as we use hand-written dockets and don’t have the means to search by name, date or size of shed.

• We ask that you pay your deposit as soon as possible using your order number as a reference for all types of payments. Deposit will be advised upon order.

• The remainder is to be paid on pick up/ delivery/installation, or before.

• For kit-form sheds (from Abscoe or Spanbilt – for whom we are suppliers), we require 50% upfront, remainder on or before delivery as they have a different accounting system that we have to work with.

13. Placing Your Order

Call us or use our online form for queries on all our sheds, carports and accessories. We can assist you with the cost of delivery etc

14. Payment Details

14. Payment Details:

• We are a small family business so in order to keep costs down (and therefore be able to provide such great prices for our customers) we do not accept EFTPOS

• We accept cheques or money orders, direct transfers into our accounts, or cash , or credit cards with a 1.75% surcharge.

• Please remember that for checques, money orders or direct transfers to allow at least 3 working days for funds to clear. Receipts of transfers will be accepted.

• Direct transfers can be made to Bank Of Queensland. BSB 124 150 ACNT 1025 0646, Acnt name Canefoil Pty Ltd.[/tab]

15. Cancellation Policy

15. Cancellation Policy:

• It is policy of Canefoil Pty Ltd that should a cancellation occur outside 10 working days of delivery there will be no fee.

• Should notification be given within 1 – 10 working days of date of delivery, the deposit shall be forfeited, or a minimum of 15% (for sheds over $1000) should total of shed have been pre-paid.

• Where notification is not given to our company within this time, particularly when the customer gives no notification at all, our policy is that the customer is required to pay for the delivery fee (if applicable) as well as forfeit the deposit or minimum of 10% (for sheds over $1000)of the cost of the shed itself.

• Should the fees not be paid within 7 days, clients will be contacted through our solicitors and any fees incurred in this process will also be payable by the customer.

• We are a small family business and appreciate open and honest communication.

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